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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TOMS!! $5.00 off and CHEAP!!

There are still plenty left.
First time buyers enjoy $5.00 making some Toms $12.00!!


OK seriously, this is an EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!

If you are in the Seattle area grab your tickets before they are gone. GILT Warehouse Sale!!!!!!


Going out of business..AGAIN!!

Sad, I really loved some of Shade's clothing.
They have the best infinity scarfs and basic layering cami's and tees.
But lucky for you they are getting rid of everything for CHEAP!!

Check it out before it's gone. And it's free shipping!

Home made WIPES-Yes, please!!

For those of you who jumped on the detergant wagon last fall, how did it go?
I just used my last scoop. So $20 and it lasted 10 months!!!!
Now I am on to wipes. SO EASY and for pennies!!!
I found all my fun recipes here...



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crazy, Busy...LIFE!!

I don't know about you, but the last few months have just been CRAZY!!! So I am taking a little bit of a different approach to my blog as I get going again. I am still the crazy deal lady, frugal in everything...OK almost everything, but life has changed for me as of late. As my kids are getting older my time and priorities are shifting just a tad.
So getting back to blogging, I want to share the things I am doing as a mom. NOT just the frugal stuff.
For starters...
My 3 year old started this funny saying. You know when we were younger and said, "you just got burned"?
She says you just got served. So it clicked one day to have my kids start a summer of service with a cute card that says you "just got served." We are making our list of services we can do for others and who to do them for. We could really use some brilliant ideas if you have any. ;)
We have started a summer bucket list. We are filling it up with all the things we are going to try and do this summer. As things are added I will do the research to make sure I find all the coupons/discounts/cheaper days that I can to make it budget friendly.
It's the last day of school so good luck to all as our life's get a little full with having kids to entertain for the next 58 days!!!