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Thursday, September 13, 2012

More free Chirstmas and other deals!!

I have been bussssy! We moved and are settled so I should be able to keep you posted on a more daily basis. I will post my deals as I find them so you can follow as well.

First trick of the week was prescription transfer. I was able to get 75.00 in transfers at Fred Myer this week. So I was able to get quit a few gifts as well as pulls, and food for the week. So after all the discounts, coupons, and 75.00 credit I spent 4.53 for the week. Don't forget that you can use a Fred Myer AND manuf. coupon together. Also there clearance is half off. Look for Crayola products to be half off the clearance price and then use those coupons. Some are inside Cheerio boxes as well.

I then had a Nordstrom gift card that I cashed in from points.
I was able to get both my girls dress shoes at the Rack and my total was 3.78!!

Then on my way home today I stopped at Macy's. They have the easiest promo right now to win gift cards by text.
You go here...

Then after you do it and don't win...you go watch a video. After each video you enter and can win. I won a 25.00 gift card.

I was able to get a darling piggy bank(clearance for 5.88) for my daughter as well as a Hello Kitty watch(7.99) and a gift I can't talk about. ;) She'll see it here. so after the VIP coupon of 20% off and the 25.00 gift card...I got 80.00 worth of gifts for 1.71!!!

GO and enter every day till you win!!!

Also don't forget those coke rewards, ebates, swagbucks, and mypoints. Comment below if you have any questions or need links to anything. Stay tuned for more!!

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