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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free and almost free!

Some reminders...

Coke points~This is how you can get free gift cards
Transfer perscriptions~yes, I do this and I rack up free gift cards
Ebates~When I did those online orders through Jcrew and Boden, I earned cash back...

are you swagging?
you should, all you do is use there search engine and get free gift cards

If you haven't done any of these, get started. They are worth it, trust me. I'll be back for more as i am testing out some new ones right now.

It's been a GOOD deal week so far!

First of all let me tell you about my favorite deal. CREWCUTS!!!
My oldest is really out of the baby gymboree and so forth. She's tall and skinny and Crewcuts by Jcrew has been a great fit for her.
When they do there 30+% off sale items I can get her stuff for cheaper than Target. AND get my money back out when I am done.

Cardigan for 17.00! That's cheaper than Target
Girls' Caroline cardigan

Dresses for 10.49!!!!!                                    
Girls' bow neck dressGirls' organdy poppet dress
  a 68.00 dress for 16.00!!!

People always comment on how I spend way to much on my kids clothes when in reality it's cheaper than the value store brands and I get my money back out way easier when I resell!

Next up is Mini Boden. LOVE LOVE LOVE but it also is $$$$$
Make sure you check the clearance section. You can layer and use a lot of spring items for fall and winter.

a 50.00 sweater for 15.00 with no tax or shipping!
Stripy Logo Jumper

Tops for 8.40 normally 28.00
Fruity Appliqué T-shirtFlower Appliqué T-shirt
Skirts from 38.00 to 11.00
Broderie Twirly Skirt

So as you are back to school shopping, keep this in mind. I will post all the deals that I am finding as I go.
I plan to get each of my kids ready for school on 150.00 each. I think I have made a good start!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ok my fellow fancy moms....and dads!

I am alive and back. My husband and I both graduated. We moved back to Seattle. I am done having Surgeries. We are moving into our house in 2 weeks...and I have already started CHRISTMAS!!!
and YES, I will be doing it for free again this year.

Even though we have a job now and are no longer 2 full time college students with 3 kids, I can't help it now. It's a thrill I get. Don't ask, cause I can't explain it, so you'll have to start and get the "bug" yourself.

Here is what I have done so far. Remember Zulily I told you all about MONTHS ago...did you do it? Did you post your referal link for friends and family?

Here is what I scored for my first free gift...
Lil' RiderT Chief Justice Police Blue Wiggle Ride-on Car

Then I also got these from Zulily...my kids beg for my running fuel belt...ALL.THE.TIME!

One for each of my oldest!!

So then I got an email that asked me to do a survey for shoebuy.com FREE 20.00 gift certificate. DONE!
So I ordered Silver peace dangle earrings...she's gonna flip.

Not a bad start for August, right???