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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to our new readers!!!

To start fresh for some of our new readers and to refresh for us old timers, I am going to be posting the small but big ways to be fancy on a dime. I am asked all the time how I am doing it with my husband and I both in school full time, 3 kids, and he only works part time. 
The first thing I say...everything counts. EVERYTHING. You are throwing money away every day. 
We first made sure we have very little bills. We don't have cable, or monthly memberships, or any thing like that. We do belong to the Rec Center because I am an exercise junkie. But just by simply talking to them I was able to get our family of 5 from 65.00 a month membership to 30.00 a month. 
2. I sell EVERYTHING!!!! I am not kidding. I sell b tops off the cereal. Yes, I do. I let my kids take some to school and I make sure I am volunteering and doing my part. But those crazy PTA moms will pay more than face value for those bad boys. Everything I buy, I buy with keeping in mind that I will sell it and get more, the same or at least some of my money back out of it. 
3. When I find a treasure...I buy it up. For example; my Gap store had maternity shorts on clearance for 1.24 a pair. I ALWAYS USE A COUPON!!! So at a 1.00 a pair I bought 25 pairs. I then sold them on eBay for $16-21 a pair. That right there paid off quit a few extra payments to the bills that month.
4. ALWAYS HAVE A COUPON!!! If you are going in a store unexpectedly google a coupon on your phone really fast. They can scan them right off your phone. I also carry a little pouch of all my coupons. I do NOT carry a ton of coupons with me. I leave those at home for when I do my weekly plan with ads.

Let's start with these as to not overwhelm you. If you can try one of these things this week and see how addicting it will be!!

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