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Sunday, April 1, 2012

POINTS, REWARDS, COUPONS....are they worth it?

Let me tell you, yes!!!!
If you are organized about it, it will only take you a few min to log these in and watch them add up. 
I get great rewards from 

These are very worth my time. Most of these I add up through the year and cash in towards my free Christmas. 

mycokerewards~ If you are a coke product drinker of any type you can log the codes off the bottles and boxes to earn great rewards like nike.com gift cards.

huggies and pampers~ They take awhile to add up to make it worth it, but if you put them in a cup or container and once a month or 2 plug them all in...they will add up and you can cash in again for Christmas.

mypoints~ click on an email, close it and get points. Again, they add up fast. I got over 250.00 in Gap gift cards this year from mypoints. If you respond to offers, it's even better. 

swagbucks~There is a link to click on to the right on this blog. It is a search engine that gives you bucks. I cash them in for amazon gift cards. I get most of our diapers, and other house hold items from this. It's no work. Just search instead of google or other engines and earn.

ebates~ get paid to shop when you would be shopping anyway. The great part is a lot of the time they go off the subtotal before all the coupons and discounts.
click link to sign up!!!

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