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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our favorite craft for sleeping!!

My kids LOVE this and it is so easy. Thanks to grandpa for the slightly stained white tee's. Just some simple white cheap shirts, (we like the Costco ones cause they are thick), and some permanent markers and you are set!!!

We take the clothes off the toddler!1 Otherwise you could ruin something. 

and for a mommy craft. I am now in love with this. Since I love to change my decor way too much this is perfect. All you do is buy new fabric as you want to change it. 
You will need:
wreath- I used the wicker one and left the plastic on it to make it smooth.
fabric- you can rip the strips as long or as wide as you want.

Simply rip strips and wrap them a few times around and then tie. Play with it so you can get just the right look you are going for. This wreath has been through snow, rain and wind and is still going strong. Looking a tad on the beat up side, I am excited to switch out the fabric soon.

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