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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our favorite craft for sleeping!!

My kids LOVE this and it is so easy. Thanks to grandpa for the slightly stained white tee's. Just some simple white cheap shirts, (we like the Costco ones cause they are thick), and some permanent markers and you are set!!!

We take the clothes off the toddler!1 Otherwise you could ruin something. 

and for a mommy craft. I am now in love with this. Since I love to change my decor way too much this is perfect. All you do is buy new fabric as you want to change it. 
You will need:
wreath- I used the wicker one and left the plastic on it to make it smooth.
fabric- you can rip the strips as long or as wide as you want.

Simply rip strips and wrap them a few times around and then tie. Play with it so you can get just the right look you are going for. This wreath has been through snow, rain and wind and is still going strong. Looking a tad on the beat up side, I am excited to switch out the fabric soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our favorite must have in our house!!

Strange, yes. But we can NOT live with out these now. They make your teeth so clean and so easy to carry around with you. So the next thing added to the prize giveaway is a lot of 20 wisp tooth brushes. Don't say I didn't warn you when you become addicted.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ok let's do this contest thing!!!!

Sorry for the late start. This hysterectomy thing is really not cooperating like I wanted. 
Boring stuff...
Rules and how to play. I will post a prize everyday. It's going to add up to an awesome package for a lucky winner!!!
If you are asked to like a page, re-post or so on...please enter that many times on the comments so it gets counted in the tally. So if it is 5 entries for liking a page, post "liked page" 5 times. Does that make sense?

Ok so lets get started!!!!

Sponsored by no other than Sophie-Lu consignment on facebook today's prize added to the basket is a 40.00 gift certificate to INKGARDEN www.inkgarden.com
 and like the page for 2 entries. Share this blog post on twitter/facebook or more for 5 entries. Share Sophie-Lu page for 4 more entries. 
Ready, set , go!! And then come back tomorrow for another prize to be added!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

POINTS, REWARDS, COUPONS....are they worth it?

Let me tell you, yes!!!!
If you are organized about it, it will only take you a few min to log these in and watch them add up. 
I get great rewards from 

These are very worth my time. Most of these I add up through the year and cash in towards my free Christmas. 

mycokerewards~ If you are a coke product drinker of any type you can log the codes off the bottles and boxes to earn great rewards like nike.com gift cards.

huggies and pampers~ They take awhile to add up to make it worth it, but if you put them in a cup or container and once a month or 2 plug them all in...they will add up and you can cash in again for Christmas.

mypoints~ click on an email, close it and get points. Again, they add up fast. I got over 250.00 in Gap gift cards this year from mypoints. If you respond to offers, it's even better. 

swagbucks~There is a link to click on to the right on this blog. It is a search engine that gives you bucks. I cash them in for amazon gift cards. I get most of our diapers, and other house hold items from this. It's no work. Just search instead of google or other engines and earn.

ebates~ get paid to shop when you would be shopping anyway. The great part is a lot of the time they go off the subtotal before all the coupons and discounts.
click link to sign up!!!

Welcome to our new readers!!!

To start fresh for some of our new readers and to refresh for us old timers, I am going to be posting the small but big ways to be fancy on a dime. I am asked all the time how I am doing it with my husband and I both in school full time, 3 kids, and he only works part time. 
The first thing I say...everything counts. EVERYTHING. You are throwing money away every day. 
We first made sure we have very little bills. We don't have cable, or monthly memberships, or any thing like that. We do belong to the Rec Center because I am an exercise junkie. But just by simply talking to them I was able to get our family of 5 from 65.00 a month membership to 30.00 a month. 
2. I sell EVERYTHING!!!! I am not kidding. I sell b tops off the cereal. Yes, I do. I let my kids take some to school and I make sure I am volunteering and doing my part. But those crazy PTA moms will pay more than face value for those bad boys. Everything I buy, I buy with keeping in mind that I will sell it and get more, the same or at least some of my money back out of it. 
3. When I find a treasure...I buy it up. For example; my Gap store had maternity shorts on clearance for 1.24 a pair. I ALWAYS USE A COUPON!!! So at a 1.00 a pair I bought 25 pairs. I then sold them on eBay for $16-21 a pair. That right there paid off quit a few extra payments to the bills that month.
4. ALWAYS HAVE A COUPON!!! If you are going in a store unexpectedly google a coupon on your phone really fast. They can scan them right off your phone. I also carry a little pouch of all my coupons. I do NOT carry a ton of coupons with me. I leave those at home for when I do my weekly plan with ads.

Let's start with these as to not overwhelm you. If you can try one of these things this week and see how addicting it will be!!