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Thursday, March 8, 2012

This fancy mom is on bed rest so let's get caught up!!!

I had a really crazy hysterectomy on Monday and will be spending the next few weeks pretty down, which we know for me is going to be HARD. So I am going to accomplish a lot from this bed include getting all caught up on my blogging and ideas I haven't shared yet. Right now I am tackling easter baskets. I made a small start but my goal by the end of the week is to have them squared away!!!!

This is what I ordered for my girls so far....BLESS AMAZON PRIME!!!

Thy have been begging for bathrobes and these are so great for out of the bath or the pool and for less than 5.00 a piece!!!

I also hit the valentines clearance at traget and got quit a bit of stuff from the 90% off isle. Also if you have a girl of the 6-12 range and she loves Justice, even though us as moms loathe it, they had stuff for 90% off as well. So I was able to grab jewelry and other goodies for less than .49 a piece. I also stocked up for bday parties as well.

Don't forget to check out the outlet toys on Amazon, even though I think the real treasures are hidden away from this page.Toy outlet!!

The kids will each be getting one of these this year as well.


they are picking out there own scent that they think will help them relax for bedtime as well.

As I find more easter basket finds I will be sure to post!!!
Have a fancy day!!!!

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