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Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's talk coupons, freebies, promos and such...

As I am on bed rest still from the LOVELY surgery this week I have been doing a LOT of planning and organizing from my phone and net book.
First of all...HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT LEMON???? As in the app. LOVE it. You scan receipts and it stores them for you even categorizes and does reports for you. I have been using this a ton! I hate losing a receipt and then having to get the lowest selling price for those shoes that never fit the 2 year old. BOOO! You can do price adjustments right from your phone now. They can just scan the screen where you have stored the receipt and waaaalllllaaaa. Love it.

I have also cut way back on the amount of coupons I am carrying. We all know I try to get almost anything and everything for free but I have this very handy coupons holder that I keep in the car now. I quickly look on my phone to see if for example....I am going to need those stacks of diaper coupons in target.  USE YOUR PHONE LADIES. Then I have spend 2 or minutes looking it up in the car, I have my little stack and am ready to go. Spending way less time in the store shuffling through everything.

It's time to get those closets cleaned out. I am almost done selling all of our outgrown spring and summer and almost done getting stocked up for the season ahead. IF ANYONE GROWS they are on there own. Yup, they'll look like orphan if needs be. I am toooo busy this year for these silly growth spurts. Geeez.

One last little tid bit for the day. As if I already didn't have enough on my plate...I have decided due to my total obsession for Scentsy, to become a rep. You can now order right through my blog. WOOT WOOT!!!

And to make it even cooler, anyone who oders by Monday will go in a drawing for a free 20.00 credit. What, what? That's right. You will.

So as the drugs come and go let's talk crafts, money and just great ideas!!! XOXOXO

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