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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got guilt?

As in mom guilt? We all have it for one reason or another. Mine, Ok so I have too many to count, but the major one is that I am at school every night from 5-10 on weekdays and the kids and dad have to fend for themselves at dinner time. I do try and have something for them to make but I have been so swamped lately that I haven't done a very good job. My daughter made sure to let me know that dad's dinners are BORING. So I got a little creative to leave for dinner tonight. Let's talk about the best gift Grandma has given us.

It does Panini's, waffles, a griddle, a grill, a....anything. We have been using it for everything. So I was begged for waffles today.
I made extra batches and then did some fun things for the top of them to have for dinner.
Grandma moved and cleaned out her freezer and I had so much stuff we don't usually use but got a little creative.

I blended frozen fruit with the cool whip. One flavor of blueberry using frozen berries and one strawberry where I used frozen home made jam. I then poured it into muffin pans. Just stuck them in the freezer to form back up. All they had to do was warm up the waffles and then the kids get to watch there fun toppings melt all over there waffles. This is also a fun snack for the kids.
My other new favorite trick is to use apple sauce in place of oil. No one even knows. ;)
I was forgiven my guilt! Even if only for the evening, I will take it. It was a hit!!

Friday, January 13, 2012