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Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Toy deals!!

Target is having buy 1 get 1 50% off plus use your target card for 5% off with free shipping plus go through ebates for 4% cash back!!

ebates link...


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


You know I love my AMAZON deals...if you have your swagbucks gift cards ready than you will get some screaming deals...

 This was by far the best 7.00 I have ever spent...
  Barbie deals at up to 70% off! CLICK HERE FOR BARBIE SALE!!!
DON'T FORGET that prices change fast so if you want it, buy it! Ill be back with more. l)

A computer again...

I am back and plan to not go anywhere for a while. Are you STILL trying to do Christmas for free? Have you even started?
I did manage to do everything for free until the end...Then I ended up buying an xbox bundle and kindle fire on black friday. I did pay about half but still paid...sighhh.
So check daily as I list deals. Here's one for today...

Have you joined GILT? Right now you get 25.00 free when you join and they have a 50% code through today only GILT50. You may be able to use both...


Let me know how you do!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

One persons junk is anothers treasure!!!

Seriously! We have finally moved into our house and you know how it goes...you need this and that, and now that doesnt work. So we started checking on craigslist. My husbad starting by finding a ton of free old doors. 2 were from the 1920's and AMAZING!!!
So we took 1 and made it into a coffee table that I have been wanting to do for years.

Then we took the second one and made it a headboard. EASY! My husband just nail gunned it right to the wall. We also made a new bed with some of the other doors.

More ideas to share coming up! Start checking out craigslist!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More free Chirstmas and other deals!!

I have been bussssy! We moved and are settled so I should be able to keep you posted on a more daily basis. I will post my deals as I find them so you can follow as well.

First trick of the week was prescription transfer. I was able to get 75.00 in transfers at Fred Myer this week. So I was able to get quit a few gifts as well as pulls, and food for the week. So after all the discounts, coupons, and 75.00 credit I spent 4.53 for the week. Don't forget that you can use a Fred Myer AND manuf. coupon together. Also there clearance is half off. Look for Crayola products to be half off the clearance price and then use those coupons. Some are inside Cheerio boxes as well.

I then had a Nordstrom gift card that I cashed in from points.
I was able to get both my girls dress shoes at the Rack and my total was 3.78!!

Then on my way home today I stopped at Macy's. They have the easiest promo right now to win gift cards by text.
You go here...

Then after you do it and don't win...you go watch a video. After each video you enter and can win. I won a 25.00 gift card.

I was able to get a darling piggy bank(clearance for 5.88) for my daughter as well as a Hello Kitty watch(7.99) and a gift I can't talk about. ;) She'll see it here. so after the VIP coupon of 20% off and the 25.00 gift card...I got 80.00 worth of gifts for 1.71!!!

GO and enter every day till you win!!!

Also don't forget those coke rewards, ebates, swagbucks, and mypoints. Comment below if you have any questions or need links to anything. Stay tuned for more!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free and almost free!

Some reminders...

Coke points~This is how you can get free gift cards
Transfer perscriptions~yes, I do this and I rack up free gift cards
Ebates~When I did those online orders through Jcrew and Boden, I earned cash back...

are you swagging?
you should, all you do is use there search engine and get free gift cards

If you haven't done any of these, get started. They are worth it, trust me. I'll be back for more as i am testing out some new ones right now.

It's been a GOOD deal week so far!

First of all let me tell you about my favorite deal. CREWCUTS!!!
My oldest is really out of the baby gymboree and so forth. She's tall and skinny and Crewcuts by Jcrew has been a great fit for her.
When they do there 30+% off sale items I can get her stuff for cheaper than Target. AND get my money back out when I am done.

Cardigan for 17.00! That's cheaper than Target
Girls' Caroline cardigan

Dresses for 10.49!!!!!                                    
Girls' bow neck dressGirls' organdy poppet dress
  a 68.00 dress for 16.00!!!

People always comment on how I spend way to much on my kids clothes when in reality it's cheaper than the value store brands and I get my money back out way easier when I resell!

Next up is Mini Boden. LOVE LOVE LOVE but it also is $$$$$
Make sure you check the clearance section. You can layer and use a lot of spring items for fall and winter.

a 50.00 sweater for 15.00 with no tax or shipping!
Stripy Logo Jumper

Tops for 8.40 normally 28.00
Fruity Appliqué T-shirtFlower Appliqué T-shirt
Skirts from 38.00 to 11.00
Broderie Twirly Skirt

So as you are back to school shopping, keep this in mind. I will post all the deals that I am finding as I go.
I plan to get each of my kids ready for school on 150.00 each. I think I have made a good start!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ok my fellow fancy moms....and dads!

I am alive and back. My husband and I both graduated. We moved back to Seattle. I am done having Surgeries. We are moving into our house in 2 weeks...and I have already started CHRISTMAS!!!
and YES, I will be doing it for free again this year.

Even though we have a job now and are no longer 2 full time college students with 3 kids, I can't help it now. It's a thrill I get. Don't ask, cause I can't explain it, so you'll have to start and get the "bug" yourself.

Here is what I have done so far. Remember Zulily I told you all about MONTHS ago...did you do it? Did you post your referal link for friends and family?

Here is what I scored for my first free gift...
Lil' RiderT Chief Justice Police Blue Wiggle Ride-on Car

Then I also got these from Zulily...my kids beg for my running fuel belt...ALL.THE.TIME!

One for each of my oldest!!

So then I got an email that asked me to do a survey for shoebuy.com FREE 20.00 gift certificate. DONE!
So I ordered Silver peace dangle earrings...she's gonna flip.

Not a bad start for August, right???

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our favorite craft for sleeping!!

My kids LOVE this and it is so easy. Thanks to grandpa for the slightly stained white tee's. Just some simple white cheap shirts, (we like the Costco ones cause they are thick), and some permanent markers and you are set!!!

We take the clothes off the toddler!1 Otherwise you could ruin something. 

and for a mommy craft. I am now in love with this. Since I love to change my decor way too much this is perfect. All you do is buy new fabric as you want to change it. 
You will need:
wreath- I used the wicker one and left the plastic on it to make it smooth.
fabric- you can rip the strips as long or as wide as you want.

Simply rip strips and wrap them a few times around and then tie. Play with it so you can get just the right look you are going for. This wreath has been through snow, rain and wind and is still going strong. Looking a tad on the beat up side, I am excited to switch out the fabric soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our favorite must have in our house!!

Strange, yes. But we can NOT live with out these now. They make your teeth so clean and so easy to carry around with you. So the next thing added to the prize giveaway is a lot of 20 wisp tooth brushes. Don't say I didn't warn you when you become addicted.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ok let's do this contest thing!!!!

Sorry for the late start. This hysterectomy thing is really not cooperating like I wanted. 
Boring stuff...
Rules and how to play. I will post a prize everyday. It's going to add up to an awesome package for a lucky winner!!!
If you are asked to like a page, re-post or so on...please enter that many times on the comments so it gets counted in the tally. So if it is 5 entries for liking a page, post "liked page" 5 times. Does that make sense?

Ok so lets get started!!!!

Sponsored by no other than Sophie-Lu consignment on facebook today's prize added to the basket is a 40.00 gift certificate to INKGARDEN www.inkgarden.com
 and like the page for 2 entries. Share this blog post on twitter/facebook or more for 5 entries. Share Sophie-Lu page for 4 more entries. 
Ready, set , go!! And then come back tomorrow for another prize to be added!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

POINTS, REWARDS, COUPONS....are they worth it?

Let me tell you, yes!!!!
If you are organized about it, it will only take you a few min to log these in and watch them add up. 
I get great rewards from 

These are very worth my time. Most of these I add up through the year and cash in towards my free Christmas. 

mycokerewards~ If you are a coke product drinker of any type you can log the codes off the bottles and boxes to earn great rewards like nike.com gift cards.

huggies and pampers~ They take awhile to add up to make it worth it, but if you put them in a cup or container and once a month or 2 plug them all in...they will add up and you can cash in again for Christmas.

mypoints~ click on an email, close it and get points. Again, they add up fast. I got over 250.00 in Gap gift cards this year from mypoints. If you respond to offers, it's even better. 

swagbucks~There is a link to click on to the right on this blog. It is a search engine that gives you bucks. I cash them in for amazon gift cards. I get most of our diapers, and other house hold items from this. It's no work. Just search instead of google or other engines and earn.

ebates~ get paid to shop when you would be shopping anyway. The great part is a lot of the time they go off the subtotal before all the coupons and discounts.
click link to sign up!!!

Welcome to our new readers!!!

To start fresh for some of our new readers and to refresh for us old timers, I am going to be posting the small but big ways to be fancy on a dime. I am asked all the time how I am doing it with my husband and I both in school full time, 3 kids, and he only works part time. 
The first thing I say...everything counts. EVERYTHING. You are throwing money away every day. 
We first made sure we have very little bills. We don't have cable, or monthly memberships, or any thing like that. We do belong to the Rec Center because I am an exercise junkie. But just by simply talking to them I was able to get our family of 5 from 65.00 a month membership to 30.00 a month. 
2. I sell EVERYTHING!!!! I am not kidding. I sell b tops off the cereal. Yes, I do. I let my kids take some to school and I make sure I am volunteering and doing my part. But those crazy PTA moms will pay more than face value for those bad boys. Everything I buy, I buy with keeping in mind that I will sell it and get more, the same or at least some of my money back out of it. 
3. When I find a treasure...I buy it up. For example; my Gap store had maternity shorts on clearance for 1.24 a pair. I ALWAYS USE A COUPON!!! So at a 1.00 a pair I bought 25 pairs. I then sold them on eBay for $16-21 a pair. That right there paid off quit a few extra payments to the bills that month.
4. ALWAYS HAVE A COUPON!!! If you are going in a store unexpectedly google a coupon on your phone really fast. They can scan them right off your phone. I also carry a little pouch of all my coupons. I do NOT carry a ton of coupons with me. I leave those at home for when I do my weekly plan with ads.

Let's start with these as to not overwhelm you. If you can try one of these things this week and see how addicting it will be!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 spotlight shopping tips for the week!!

Ok, to start our new spotlight shopping I couldn't decide between 2.
Zuiliy has to be my favorite and long standing. While there shipping does take a bit longer they have AMAZING customer service and will stand behind any of there products. We had an issue with a coat we bought. They gave me a full credit on my zulily and asked me to donate or keep the coat. BRAVO, Zulily!!!

Check out some CUTE and cheap stuff they have on now. And REMEMBER, post on facebook, tell friends, whatever. You get referral credit. IT WORKS. I think I have earned over 250.00 in zulily just for sharing screaming deals..

14.99                                                                          11.99


11.99                                                                        16.99

and so much more....
take a peek at all the good stuff available


and then my second pick for the week is the NEWEST addition to my flash sites. I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!!

JOSSANDMAIN.COM has the BEST stuff at great prices. Does anyone else feel like you see the same stuff on all the flash sites? NOT here.


floor pillow/ottoman $40                                      $22.00 LOVE!!!!!

starting at $43.00

Did I mention I am in LOVE with this new site...
Don't miss out

Who would have thought a Sonic cup holder?

would turn into the new favorite craft tote in our house!!

All you need is a sonic or other fast food cupholder with a handle, glue gun and fabric.

I took the cup holder and covered the holder in fabric. I decided to finish it off to border in ric-rac.  I then glued a small cup in the holder for crayons and a tall cup for markers. I also glued the sticky note pads to the side of the holder. There is a clip on the top for them to hang or keep their art work. This project cost me less than 5.00 so if it gets ruined or broken we won't be heart broken and can make another one. The next on we are doing is going to be decoupaged with fun girly stuff.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

amazon shoe sale!!

Amazon's amazing shoe finds have been a little sad lately, but if you have time to go through this link and look there are some treasures to be found. Also if you spend 80.00 or more it should take 15% off when your cart is full. Have fun shopping...
shoe sale!!!

Hurry for CHEAP deals at companykids.com

Tons and Tons of cute stuff but sizes are selling out fast.
Use this code to get extra 30% off clearance. Ends TODAY!!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's talk coupons, freebies, promos and such...

As I am on bed rest still from the LOVELY surgery this week I have been doing a LOT of planning and organizing from my phone and net book.
First of all...HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT LEMON???? As in the app. LOVE it. You scan receipts and it stores them for you even categorizes and does reports for you. I have been using this a ton! I hate losing a receipt and then having to get the lowest selling price for those shoes that never fit the 2 year old. BOOO! You can do price adjustments right from your phone now. They can just scan the screen where you have stored the receipt and waaaalllllaaaa. Love it.

I have also cut way back on the amount of coupons I am carrying. We all know I try to get almost anything and everything for free but I have this very handy coupons holder that I keep in the car now. I quickly look on my phone to see if for example....I am going to need those stacks of diaper coupons in target.  USE YOUR PHONE LADIES. Then I have spend 2 or minutes looking it up in the car, I have my little stack and am ready to go. Spending way less time in the store shuffling through everything.

It's time to get those closets cleaned out. I am almost done selling all of our outgrown spring and summer and almost done getting stocked up for the season ahead. IF ANYONE GROWS they are on there own. Yup, they'll look like orphan if needs be. I am toooo busy this year for these silly growth spurts. Geeez.

One last little tid bit for the day. As if I already didn't have enough on my plate...I have decided due to my total obsession for Scentsy, to become a rep. You can now order right through my blog. WOOT WOOT!!!

And to make it even cooler, anyone who oders by Monday will go in a drawing for a free 20.00 credit. What, what? That's right. You will.

So as the drugs come and go let's talk crafts, money and just great ideas!!! XOXOXO

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This fancy mom is on bed rest so let's get caught up!!!

I had a really crazy hysterectomy on Monday and will be spending the next few weeks pretty down, which we know for me is going to be HARD. So I am going to accomplish a lot from this bed include getting all caught up on my blogging and ideas I haven't shared yet. Right now I am tackling easter baskets. I made a small start but my goal by the end of the week is to have them squared away!!!!

This is what I ordered for my girls so far....BLESS AMAZON PRIME!!!

Thy have been begging for bathrobes and these are so great for out of the bath or the pool and for less than 5.00 a piece!!!

I also hit the valentines clearance at traget and got quit a bit of stuff from the 90% off isle. Also if you have a girl of the 6-12 range and she loves Justice, even though us as moms loathe it, they had stuff for 90% off as well. So I was able to grab jewelry and other goodies for less than .49 a piece. I also stocked up for bday parties as well.

Don't forget to check out the outlet toys on Amazon, even though I think the real treasures are hidden away from this page.Toy outlet!!

The kids will each be getting one of these this year as well.


they are picking out there own scent that they think will help them relax for bedtime as well.

As I find more easter basket finds I will be sure to post!!!
Have a fancy day!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got guilt?

As in mom guilt? We all have it for one reason or another. Mine, Ok so I have too many to count, but the major one is that I am at school every night from 5-10 on weekdays and the kids and dad have to fend for themselves at dinner time. I do try and have something for them to make but I have been so swamped lately that I haven't done a very good job. My daughter made sure to let me know that dad's dinners are BORING. So I got a little creative to leave for dinner tonight. Let's talk about the best gift Grandma has given us.

It does Panini's, waffles, a griddle, a grill, a....anything. We have been using it for everything. So I was begged for waffles today.
I made extra batches and then did some fun things for the top of them to have for dinner.
Grandma moved and cleaned out her freezer and I had so much stuff we don't usually use but got a little creative.

I blended frozen fruit with the cool whip. One flavor of blueberry using frozen berries and one strawberry where I used frozen home made jam. I then poured it into muffin pans. Just stuck them in the freezer to form back up. All they had to do was warm up the waffles and then the kids get to watch there fun toppings melt all over there waffles. This is also a fun snack for the kids.
My other new favorite trick is to use apple sauce in place of oil. No one even knows. ;)
I was forgiven my guilt! Even if only for the evening, I will take it. It was a hit!!

Friday, January 13, 2012