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Monday, December 5, 2011

and I'm back....let the deals roll in!!

after battling pneumonia and then no Internet and now strep....I'm feeling ready to post those crazy Christmas deals. Sorry for the delay!!!
Amazon has not quit hit there super sale peak, but when it happens you have to be FAST!!!
So let's talk about a couple deals I found this past week that may help.
Walgreen's!!! There brand scented refill pack of diaper wipes are ringing up 2.99 and there is a 2.00 off coupon on the pack. Some Walgreen's are ringing up 2.99 and some 4.99. Just ask them for a price check.
AMAZON Lego storage deal!!!
Ive been watching these and most have sold out and gone way up in price. This one is still a great deal but will be gone soon.

We have one at our house and it is so nice to just zip it up and toss it all in!!

a total hit in our house! Newly released and 15.00 off!
Just Dance 3 15.00 OFF!!!

73% off wood doll house!!

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