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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas is almost done and FOR FREE again this year!!!

Here is the breakdown so far....

Gap backpack and lunch tote for oldest daughter- transfered perscription to kroger which I then bought a gap gift card.

Sterling Silver necklace from savemore.com for oldest daughter- you get a 10.00 credit when you join and then you can buy a 30.00 gift card for 7.00 making it FREE

I will be getting a barnes and nobles gift card for oldest daughter when I transfer the next 2 perscriptions.

Star Wars Chair for Son- sign up to get mailers and emails from Kohls and get 10.00 vouchers quarterly. Chair was 30.00 on clearance for 7.99.

Gears, Gears, Gears for Son- used plum district dollars from referrals to buy gift card to learning resources.

BYU pillow pet-walgreens register rewards. I have some saved up. You have to make sure you buy as many items as RR slips. So find cheap pencils or other stocking stuffers to make up for it.

Zulily unicorn backpack for youngest daughter- Free with referral credits

Zulily doll for youngest daughter- Free with referral credit.

I just need to find one more gift for youngest daughter.

Gap coat for husband- cashed in mypoints gift card. mypoints.com all you have to do is open emails and earn points.

Nike Gift card for Husband- cashing in mycokepoints for 50.00 gift card.

I have stocked up on all kinds of freebies all year to put together baskets for teachers, grandmas, neighbors and so on.

Stocking stuffers will be my only focus for the next few weeks finding free items(that they will love). Would like ot add one more for Husband and have the kids help me with that one. But if needs be, we could be done!!!

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