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Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's talk frugal...

I have fallen a bit behind in talking about deals and frugality lately. Let me catch  you up on a few things I have been doing. I have been scanning for resale like CRAZY!!! We are coming up on the end of the semester for both of us(financial aid is running out), and we have all the kids bdays, our bdays, valentines, easter, anniversary...and so on.
So one thing I did was after Christmas I got tons of the clearance stuff. Lots of little goodies for the kids for less than .25. I have a stock pile and on valentines day I will do a basket for each with the goodies. Cost me about 2.00 a kid and it's a good amount of stuff. So after monday do the same with valentines clearance for Easter. Just take of packaging or repackage. THEY DON'T CARE. ;)
I also do the same for goodie bags for bdays.
Have I told you about houseparty yet? http://www.houseparty.com/
I LOVE IT. So far I have done Mcdonalds, Febreeze and Gerber. My kids are still eating gerber snacks and food from months ago. I just got picked to do a pull-ups one. I AM SO EXCITED. You should look into to it for free stuff and having parties.
My other big money maker is resell. I have been scanning consignment stores and retails stores. They can be a gold mine. I bought a couple gap outfits yesterday. It cost me 22.00. I sold it over night for 86.00. Also a Janie and Jack outfit I found for 10.00 sold for 25.00.
I was at Gap kids a couple weekends ago and they were price killing their socks. They had 6 packs for 1.97 with another 40% off. I bought 18 packs of socks. I  made $100.00 profit on selling them. I am able to buy my 18 month old her big girl bed from socks and consignment finds.
So many people ask how we are doing it with 2 full time students, 3 kids, a non profit, ebay business, training for triathlons and so on....
This is how. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. Please feel free to ask me any questions. And as I find things that are working I will share them.
Happy Hunting.

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