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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kroger Groceries deal!!

I love this deal!!!
Buy 10 items and get 3.00 off instantly and then another 3.00 off coupon for later(like cash)
I used enough coupons on my first 30 items that I got 9.00 back in Catalinas and also had a 25.00 perscription transfer so I got the kids

each a pair of Pjs
one pair of shoes
2 packs of pullups(on clearance and had coupons)
pull up wipes
and pants for the baby...total cost $1.28

My Kroger is a Smiths Market place/Fred Meyer so I have the option for the clothing and other items.

For groceries coupons, I prined from
and also there was a kroger coupon mailer I got in the mail last week that has ALL these items on sale in it.

Have fun!

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