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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To all you mom's....and dad's!

I want everyone to take some time for you! My husband and I are both full time college students with 3 kids. I know. We're nuts. Our lives are insane and I feel like I have no free time. But almost everyday I head to the gym with the 2 little ones after I drop off my 1st grader. And you know what? I die when I miss it. It is MEEEE time. The kids love playing in the daycare with the other kids and I get an hour of me, only me and my exercise machine. I covet this time. AND IT IS OK!!!!
Too often as parents we feel guilty for doing things for ourselves. I also watch these clients come in to the school to have their hair done and they are telling me this is the first time in forever they have sat down to have something done for them. I WAS THAT MOM!!! But I think by showing our kids we are taking care of ourselves we are setting a good example for them. So my challenge to you this weekend is take an hour for YOU!!! whatever it may be. It's ok and it's important!!

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