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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture wall is finally DONE!!!

OK so we've lived here 3 months and I FINALLY have it done. oh and the pictures are a year old now but whose counting? ;)

total project cost me about 6.00
the wreath as instructed below
then I had to buy one thing of paint
and 2 frames from the thrift store
The antique look is so fun and easy. These were GOLD frames. LOL I painted over with a brown(just craft paint) let dry and then covered with the robins egg blue. To do this you use a paper towel. Put a huge glob on the paper towel and just rub it on. I also left off the glass and back so it's just a wall frame. This gives it some dimension!
The bottom left I painted the blue and then went over with a silver spray paint. You can get creative and do tons of things. Have fun!!!

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