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Thursday, October 28, 2010

YAY!!! It's finally all set up!~tri for parkinsons!!!

I've been getting to this for awhile now. My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's and I have been waiting to get this all going so we can start to make a differnce. Come check us out on facebook...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture wall is finally DONE!!!

OK so we've lived here 3 months and I FINALLY have it done. oh and the pictures are a year old now but whose counting? ;)

total project cost me about 6.00
the wreath as instructed below
then I had to buy one thing of paint
and 2 frames from the thrift store
The antique look is so fun and easy. These were GOLD frames. LOL I painted over with a brown(just craft paint) let dry and then covered with the robins egg blue. To do this you use a paper towel. Put a huge glob on the paper towel and just rub it on. I also left off the glass and back so it's just a wall frame. This gives it some dimension!
The bottom left I painted the blue and then went over with a silver spray paint. You can get creative and do tons of things. Have fun!!!

To all you mom's....and dad's!

I want everyone to take some time for you! My husband and I are both full time college students with 3 kids. I know. We're nuts. Our lives are insane and I feel like I have no free time. But almost everyday I head to the gym with the 2 little ones after I drop off my 1st grader. And you know what? I die when I miss it. It is MEEEE time. The kids love playing in the daycare with the other kids and I get an hour of me, only me and my exercise machine. I covet this time. AND IT IS OK!!!!
Too often as parents we feel guilty for doing things for ourselves. I also watch these clients come in to the school to have their hair done and they are telling me this is the first time in forever they have sat down to have something done for them. I WAS THAT MOM!!! But I think by showing our kids we are taking care of ourselves we are setting a good example for them. So my challenge to you this weekend is take an hour for YOU!!! whatever it may be. It's ok and it's important!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OK, done with Christmas!!!!

So here we go...and  will update as I find more!!!
Sallys beauty supply~Spend 5.00 get 5.00 plus free shipping if your order is a 1.00 or more.
I got the girls tons of little hair clips and headbands!!!

Signed up for email for free 5.00-son socks for stoking stuffer.

10.00 gift card in mail- baby sippy cups for stocking stuffers

Oldest daughter-
2 necklaces-1 free from Kohls with gift card
1 from groupon-used referral credit
soccer bag from gilt.com credit

Son-(4yrs old)
race track-free with swagbucks cards
BYU bedding-duvet free with swagbucks(grandma is appliqueing the BYU stuff)
Monogrammed super hero cape-trade for clothes with desinger

Pjs-free with target gift cards
small toys-target gift cards

Inlaws-gift card to a resturaunt- groupon credit

BFF=can't tell they read this.
My parents=can't tell! ;)

Husband- paint ball session for him and his brother-groupon credit
nike gift card- my coke points
shoes from piperlime- mypoints gift card(plus if you order today you get a free 25.00 gift card from them)

Daughters teacher-
therapuetic pillow and socks-smiths transfer perscription

stocking stuffers like gum, sticker, crayons and so on all free with smith's transfer perscription

so if you don't do swagbucks~why??? click link over there on the right to get started.
Transfer your persciptons. You can go back and forth and they shouldn't say a word.
Sign up for the discount sites I have listed on the right. A LOT of them send out gift cards for free.
Sign up for giveaways.
Sign up for email list with stores.
Watch for codes(like sally's) where you can combined for free stuff.
Read this blog and I'll help you!!!
Oh and Don't forget about ebates. get cash back for all your shopping!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another great giveaway!!!

It's a 200.00 shopping spree for SHOOOOOESSSSSS! ahhh, I just passed out.
Make sure to enter!!!!

Headband winner is....

You won the headband giveaway!!! Let me know what color you want and well get it all ready to go!!!
Winner was picked from radom.org

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hanging glass balls!!!

These were another fun and easy thing to make. I am slowly working on getting the kids rooms FINALLY done. We have been here for 2 months and with going to school and a million other things its been a slow process. But last night I threw these together really quick.
large christmas ornaments-clear
4 sheets of scrap book paper
mod podge
glue gun

the one on the left is mod podged. The 2 middle are just rolled paper stuffed in the ornament. the one on the right is just ribbon. I am going to hunt down some more ribbon and add to that one.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paper Wreaths!!!

These are so easy and fun to make. You can get pretty creative with these. AND it was cheap. This wreath cost me under 4.00!! I saw this on TV while I was running at the gym but they were doing a Halloween project. I started to get excited about how I could change it. We ran right to the store after the gym. ;)
I have pictures of my kids that are going in frames on this wall and I wanted something in the middle!!!
 1. Cut paper into squares and role like a cone. Glue gun along edge to close.
 2. Attach to carboard circle.
 3. fill circle and add anything you want to the middle. You are DONE!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! Adorable headbands!!!

Eeekkk, I'm so excited about these. They are SO CUTE. My favorite I have ever seen!!!


These are amazing for mommy or girl!!!! Angie, of Ryah Sofia is giving away one of her "Kellie" on a clip in your choice of blue pink or white. So many options of what you can do with this!!!!

1. ENTER by becoming a follower for 5 entries
2. ENTER by commenting
3. ENTER by spreading the word on other blogs, facebook or twitter!!
Drawing will be take place on 10/22!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Morning steal on AMAZON!!!!

saw these this morning! so cute!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Doll bed bedding!

How adorable is this????
Melanie is a fantastic lady so don't hesitate to buy from her!!!
I'm inspired. It's my next project. I can't wait to repaint my daughters doll bed and make new bedding!!! I am hoping to get it to match hers. Wish me luck!!!

Sunday aftenoon projects!!

My daughter and her best friend have been dying for BFF shirts. So they decided the wanted matching initial shirts. She picked out the fabric and the shirts and we make initial applique tees. (nothing has been stitched, only heat and bonded since the machine broke mid use).
We saw these cute purses as well and decided we had to do matching ones. For shirt and purse the total cost wa $2.65!

The bag on the right in this picture is so cute and fun. We took a cotton tote bag and appliqued the inital on. Then we just added a yo-yo flower to the top. Total cost of project was $1.50
I also just made these nte cards really fast. Just a little something I am sending in the package along with the tote bag to little miss Ali. The tote is so fun to use for Halloween, church, the car, or even pre-school.

and of course for boys also!!

A little heat and bond can go a long way when you need some projects to do. We found everything we needed at hobby lobby.
Have fun!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ok ladies, I know you...

are reading cause I can see it. BUT, if we want more giveaways we have to comment so companies know you are there and will WANT to give it away. Who wants more giveaways?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Car toy bag!!!

This is suuuch a rough draft. But I got so sick and tired of toys and random things floating around the car. Everything I looked at was ugly and expensive to buy so I sat at the sewing machine and just kind of threw this together. It's not even worth showing you how I did it. LOL But I plan on coming up with a pattern so I can share it soon.
Also, I posted about the missie moosie contest the other day and the winner ended up being someone I sent over and the best news....she only used half of the credit and shared with us. I can't wait to get our new stuff and model for everyone. Thanks Sarah, you ROCK!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting my christmas cards for FREE!!!

So excited about this one. I had a 20.00 credit on Zulily. Today they had this deal where you get 50.00 worth of cards for 20.00 So I used my credit. wahooooo!!
Here is the link on Zulily

Now we just need a decent picture for the cards. Easier said than done. LOL

Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazon wins my heart again!!

Deal #1~120 Huggies diapers for .15
I had 3 swagbucks 5.00 giftcard(if you don't already do swagbucks...start now). If you sign up for amazon mom you get 30% off. It's free and you can cancel at anytime. THen in parenting or parent magazine there is a coupon for 20% diapers and wipes. So After the 30, 20 and then my swagbucks gift cards I ended up paying .15!!! YAY!!!!

Deal #2~ A christmas present for free!! This is for my 4 year old

On super sale and didn't cost me a penny with my amazon credit and free prime shipping!! I love you amazon!