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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School is KICKING my butt, just a tad!!!

I'm going from 5-10 everynight and just now catching my breath after the last week. I love it and its so fun, but I feel like I have a ton on my plate. Don't think that will stop me from being fancy and fun though.
My project this past week has been doing a homeschool preschool program for my 4 year old.
I really like what we are doing and he is loving it.
I went here and bought a bunch of books, flash cards, and counting tools. Everything was .99

We do an activity of numbers, letters, and then a game. We made a sticker chart where he gets to put stickers on when he learns something. I really am enjoying this time with him., Just one on one. If you are interested in educational things at home that site has great, cheap stuff to use.
Also try starfall.com for kids to start learning their phonics.

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