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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can't sleep?

Me either! So I found a little treasure for .14 at Walgreens tonight while I was getting some things and I swear I was so excited over .14 KNEE HIGH NYLONS. No, I'm not 85. I'm 34 but just wait for it.....

So I took these little treasures and I started to play around.  I came out with these and it was soooo easy.(I don't do anything hard)

Step 1~ take the knee highs(mine game in the gumball machine prize thing LOL) and cut both ends.
You should be left with just a tube of nylon.

Step 2~If you are making a bracelet for yourself, dont stretch it all the way out. For a headband you can give it a good pull.

Step 3~ Cut(just enough to tear) strips of fabric in the desired lenght. I used fat quarters from some scraps I had around. You can also trim once you are done so longer is better than too short.
Step 4~ Take one piece of the torn fabric and simply tie the strips to the nylon. YOU'RE DONE!!!
You can make these so fast and easy.

I also had some really cute earring I has bought awhile back. I thought I could pull them off but they were just too big. So I did the same thing as above but instead I glue gunned on these earrings.(took off the sharp part)

I'm guessing it will stretch out and I'll have to redo the band again. But its .14 and 2 cuts and I'm done. I'm excited to try some more things out as well. Share what you try also!!!

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