We LOVE Amazon!!!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Join ebates and get 5.00 cash!!!

Ebates gives you cash back for shopping online. I LOVE IT. Even if I order diapers I get cash back.

follow this link and you'll get 5.00 and then refer your friends and get more money. Have fun!!!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Another awesome shoe sale!!!!

Boys shoes are on sale for an addition 20% off.(will adjust in cart). Then use code extra15 for another 15% off. SUPER CUTE STUFF!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the prizes..

Adding to the custom greeting cards and cute magnets...

Prize number 3....

Not sure how to enter? Look over on the right->

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blankets...who needs pottery barn kids???

My kids all have these stroller blankets from Pottery Barn Kids. They love them and I have to say they are the best blanket but at 30.00 a pop, when you lose them it get pricey. So when Lucy was down to 1 blanket I got crafty. Since my moms house is the fabric refuge of the eastside I pulled out some scraps...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our new FAVORITE toy!!!!

We were at our childrens museum and they had one of these out on display. I had just as much fun as the kids did. They suckered me into getting on.
Ohhh, this is the best. I love it, the kids love.

Why I love it.
1. The kids can build it themselves.
2. If it comes apart or breaks I don't have to go fix it every 2 seconds
3. Super easy clean up.
4. Quiet!!!!
5. Can't believe how affordable it is.

Why they love it.
1. They can do it themselves.
2. They can move it and reshape it as the cars are going.
3. Funny to watch and easy to operate.
4. Different every time you set it up.
This one on amazon is 10.00 cheaper than the one we saw.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is HERE!!!!

We finally are done with snow and the sun is out. Wahoooo! We have been out of school for a couple weeks and realize I need a list. A to do list. Things we can go on the spur of the moment when everyone is making the mom batty and each other. This is a list of things we are going to accomplish this summer. Check for local options in your are as well.

~Library-many local libraries do reading programs, story time and so on.
~Pool- we joined our local fitness center and for 45.00 a month we can swim as much as we want. This also has a full fitness center so for a small fee the kids can get checked in to play and mom can work out. Those in the Seattle area..I loved the Y. Best place when you have kids.
~Free movies!!! Many theaters around the country do a free movie day. Usually one day a week around mid morning. you can find the program here. There are a couple theaters that do it for little to nothing as well.

~local children's museums. I know for us it was worth it to by a pass. We pay for it after 1.5 times going.
~bus rides/trains. Locally my kids love to ride TRAX. 2 of my kids are free so its 4.00 total for us all to go for a ride.
~Micheal's and Lakeshore learning offer FREE classes or workshops. Check your local area for details.
~Borders and Barnes and Nobles~reading programs. They have programs you can sign up for and kis will earn books for reading.
~The good old fashion park- even if it just for an hour I forget how much kids love to play and get the energy out. My kids love to stop at random parks and even play for 30 minutes. Its something new and exciting even if it seems silly to us.
Ill be adding and updating the list whenever I come across more.
Enjoy and share your ideas as well!