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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cute and easy magnets and who is ready to start the prize marathon????

Look how cute these are and they were soooo easy.

Seriosuly fun and easy to do. Cost me soo little.
mod podge
wood shapes/or cardboard

The squares were simply covered in craft paper with mod podge and then glue gunned decorative scrap book flowers on top. The small square is simply covered in fabric with a glue gun. The flower is a craft flower with a craft pearl glued in the middle and all simply have a magnet glued on the back!! Ask any questions.
ANDDDDDD this is the first prize to our SUPER FANCY MOMMY basket you can win!!!!! Comment for an entry or become a fan for 5 more!!!!


  1. So cute. I love your blog wish I would have know about it before now.
    Kelli Henry

  2. I agree with Kelli! The post above is adorable and why didn't I know about this before?! :)

    I'll definitely be making some of these though!

  3. LOve these!! Save me the trouble of making them!!

  4. Wow I could make these with Olivia she would love doing that and we could give some to her teachers for teacher appreciation! Thanks for the cool idea!