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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snack Cups!!!

My first thing I am going to share with all you moms...
Free snack cups. So we recently moved from Seattle to Utah. I have to be organized in my car rides. Each kid gets a tupperwear container with their name on it. They get markers, paper, stickers and so on.
The one thing I HATE in the car is garbage. It seems like even when you buy the snack size snacks they get ripped, spilled and you still have wrappers everywhere.
I was feeding the baby one day and realized I was holding the answer in my hand. I saved all those little containers from the baby food and packed tons of snacks in them for the drive. Raisins, almonds, fruit snacks, crackers and so on. It worked AWESOME. They just threw the empty containers in a bag I set it in the back of the car. So much cheaper than the small pack sizes and less messy!!

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  1. I needed a tip to help out with the mess when we travel from Michigan to NC. This is a perfect idea except I dont have a baby or baby food containers. But it gives me ideas on how to avoid all the trash from snacks.